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The following are legacy projects

Sharp Tetris

Sharp Tetris

Sharp Tetris is an open source tetris game. It's written by C# programming language.

This project was created to learn C# programming when .NET was released. It was a simple project. Later I decided to re-write it to make its modules independent so that a small, block based game foundation could be extracted.

Game Features:

  1. Single player
  2. Multi-players on a same machine
  3. Multi-players via intranet
  4. Multi-players via internet
  5. Support joysticks
  6. Support customized key maps
  7. Support skin
  8. Multi-languages
  9. Support define new sharps (need programming)
  10. more ...

Framework Features:

  1. Easy to define new element types.
  2. Easy to define the play ground.
  3. Each assembly is able to extracted to used in new project. (Will extract it to be a block based, small game foundation in the future.)
  4. Individual controller module.
  5. Individual game rule definition.
  6. Individual network module. 
  7. Game actions are able to define.
  8. Self-made skin supported.
  9. More ...

The project is hosted at .

Sharp Tweet

A open source twitter client library implementation of .NET. It's written by C# programming language. It maps the RESTFul API response to objects. You may directly use the object to access the twitter timelines.

It was created a bit long ago. So only support username/password authorization. oAuth is not supported. Supports major APIs but not all of them.

You may check the source code at

Sharp Twitter

Yet another open sourced Twitter Client by C#. Including  both a window desktop application and a window mobile application. It was based on my SharpTweet library.

You may check the source code at